One 2 One Sessions | Getting out of Auto | Take better pictures.

Automatic mode on camera's are great, this mode means you have zero control and the camera will do all the work for you, (Wahooo!) all you need to do is push the shutter button down and there you have it - You are a photographer!


Although this may sound like a good idea, it will give you some very inconsistent results and in some cases poorly exposed pictures. Getting out of Auto and into Manual mode will open up a whole range of different possibilities to really get the most out of your camera and improve your images. You take control of every button, dial and switch on the camera! This may sound scary at first but once you have mastered the exposure triangle, you will soon be on the road to taking even better pictures. 

A free consultation to chat about how I can help you and plan out your training sessions, these would be designed to how experienced you are with the camera to date.  

If you like more information on this, please drop me an email with your contact details plus a little insight into you and your Photography journey so far. 

  • Type of photography that interests you, (Portraits, newborns, studio) 

  • Manufacture of camera and range of lens you are currently using. 

  • What are want to improve on.  

Full One 2 One sessions start from  - £100.00

Group sessions from - £50.00 

These sessions get very popular and make great Christmas present.


 Please contact for for full details