Hi, and thank you for stopping by to look at my website, I hope you find all the information you need. 
Photography really got going for me over 10 years ago, I started out mainly shooting Landscapes. having been living in Norfolk for 15 plus years, it has really opened my eyes to what a beautiful part of the world it is!
Not long after I quickly realised that I had a real passion for photographing people, which led me to go into Lifestyle & Wedding Photography - Capturing those special moments, the ones that you can look back on for many years to come is what I strive for. I've now shot close to 70 weddings and many of the stunning Norfolk venues we are surrounded by. 
I love to shoot in a story telling, candid style, I keep posing to an absolute minimum and capture your wedding day how it should unfold, Natural and Unscripted. 

I hope to hear from you soon. 



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     Behind the scenes 
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More about me. 
 When I'm not shooting wedding photography in Norfolk and the Lincolnshire area.  
I'm an Essex boy, then moved to Norfolk in 2000, and met Shelley in 2008. 
I married Shelley in August 2017 - So I know how it feels to be the other side of the lens...!
Huge family man - I have two beautiful children Ruby & Ronny, you may often see them pop up on my website. 
Lover of Only fools and horses! 
One for the tech and camera geeks - I shoot Sony Alpha mirrorless camera. (2 x A7iii bodies, with a range of Prime lens! (85mm being my absolute focus length and lens)
Danny Gladwin
Mr & Mrs Gladwin