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booking form

Thank you for considering booking me for your Wedding, to proceed please complete the below form. Some details may change as the date draws closer, don't worry to much about informing me to update, as we will go through in our final meeting before the big day.  - Signed agreements completed at our final meeting also.

Any albums or prints can be ordered after the wedding. 

Booking form

PRIME Studio Booking form. Any questions please contact me.

Off Peak: Monday - Friday 


£10.00/hour (Min of 2 hours)


On Peak: Weekends 


£15.00/hour (Min of 2 hours)

Studio Hire Times
Do you have PLI?
Deposit Paid?

Deposit is 2 hours of your total hire time.

(i.e. 5 hours off peak hire is £50.00, so deposit required £20.00)

Full invoice provided.

**Form Sent!** Thanks for submitting!

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